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Industrial mechanization

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In recent days, the main producing areas Ningguo Hickory Township Meicun Antarctic, Antarctica, and other administrative Longchuan Village, open every day, some farm labor vehicles, tricycles, motorcycles, Brush Cutter with pecan trees into the weed . Weeding has become mechanized farmers here reduce labor intensity and improve the weeding efficiency and reduce cost of production of new methods, new fashion.

"Brush Cutter purchase mechanized equipment such as forest management, not only save time and effort, the Government returned to agricultural subsidies and, more importantly, through the mechanization of the production of our revenue," said Mr. Dong of the Antarctic Meicun. This year, with the purchase of agricultural standards to enjoy government subsidies, setting off a purchase of the spring body sprayer boom, the city's pecan tree pest and disease control, the full implementation of a mechanized spray. Now entered a pecan forest weeding time, farmers in previous years, the artificial cut changed the original way of weeding, have been purchased by the internal combustion engine-driven Brush Cutter, weeding efficiency greatly enhanced. Ningguo pecan-producing areas in particular, party committees, the Government will promote the pecan industry as farmers increase their income, "the main front" in the water and soil conservation, agricultural subsidies, technical services, increased the strength of capital investment. It is understood that in Ningguo the "norms of agricultural subsidies paid to purchase," since almost all of the Antarctic rural farmers already have pecan shell, mechanical spray machine, pecan shell mechanization has reached 100%, for the timely pecan processing to reduce the pecan bud seeds, oilseeds and improve the quality of the foundation pecan.

At this point, Ningguo pecan industry from pests and diseases control, the forest, weeding, pecan shell, the major transport links on both the mechanized and mechanized industry, labor cost savings not only greatly reduces the labor intensity, but also fully mobilized households in the village of the scientific development of the pecan industry initiative.

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