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Grading and maintenance of lawn

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First, the lawn grading standards
1. Special lawn: the annual period of up to 360 days green, lawn formation, stubble height control in 25mm below for viewing.
2. A lawn: Green phase for more than 340 days, the lawn formation, stubble 40mm below for viewing and family recreational use.
3. II Lawn: Green phase for more than 320 days, the lawn formation or gentle slope, stubble 60mm below for violation of public open spaces and mild.
4. The three-tier lawn: the Green 300-day period more than 100mm below stubble for public open space, land cover, slope protection and so on.
5. 4 Lawn: Green Phase Open, stubble height requirements of poor coverage for the barren hills, slope protection and so on.

Second, Lawn Maintenance

1. Pruned
Formation in order to maintain perfect, the lawn should be trimmed from time to time, growth is too high will lead to root necrosis.
(1) grass-cutting frequency

special spring and summer growing season grass cut once every five days, depending on the growth of autumn and winter once or twice a month.
grass growing season a cut every 10 days once a month cut in autumn and winter time.
two grass growing season cut to 20 days each time, cutting a total of two autumn, winter does not cut, re-cut before the first spring.
three grass cut once a quarterly basis.
winter annual grass 4 Brush Cutter with a complete cut.
(2) mechanical selection

premium lawn mower drum machine can only cut, first, second lawn cutting machine with rotating knives, the three-tier grass mat with steam or shear Brush Cutter, Lawn 4 Brush Cutter with scissors, while all members of the Drafting were cut with a soft rope type irrigation or hand shear.
before each determination of the lawn mower around the high grass, and in accordance with the selected machine cutterhead height adjustment, the general class to two of the grass, does not exceed the length of each cut high grass 1 / 3.
grass-cutting steps:
a. to remove the grass on the rocks, branches and other debris.
b. Select the direction with the previous requirement to have at least 30 ° above the cross, to avoid duplication of the growth direction of pruning bias caused by the side of the lawn.
c. no quick fix to keep the pace slow, straight line, each time cutting the trim from the surface should be about 10cm to ensure that duplication of efforts.
d. to bypass obstacles encountered, irregular grass around the edges should be cut along the curve Qi, turning small throttle when adjusted.
e. If the grass is too long to be short at times, does not allow the operation of overload.
f. corner, roadbed edge the lawn, the lawn under a tree with Brush Cutter cut, if the flowers, small shrubs around the pruning does not allow to use Brush Cutter (flowers and trees to avoid injury), where the application of pruning shears in hand.
g. Clipping
will be cleaned into the bag, clean up the scene, cleaning machinery.
(3) quality standards for grass-cutting

leaves after cutting the overall effect of shear formation, no significant ups and downs and missed cut,剪口Pinzi.
barrier and the edge of a tree-style Brush Cutter with hand shears cut up, no obvious signs of leakage cut.
turn around and bit irregular staggered no obvious traces.
cleared the scene without missing Clipping, sundries.
efficiency standards: all-inclusive stand-alone 200 ~ 300 / h.

special, first, second淋水lawn once a day summer growing season, autumn and winter weather conditions in accordance with淋水two to three times a week.
three depending on weather conditions淋水lawn, there is no water shortage in the principle of Fusarium.
lawns is basically relying on Tianshui 4.

3. In addition to weeds
In addition to the lawn grass is an important conservation work, planting grass weeds than life, and it should be cleared in time, otherwise it will absorb the soil nutrients, inhibiting the growth of grass planted.
(1) manual weeding

generally a small amount of weeds or weeds with herbicides artificial removal of the lawn.
manual weeding by District, film, block-size set, and quantitative, from time to time to complete the work of weeding.
squatting operation should be allowed to sit or bend find weeds.
application of aids with the removal of grass, together with the grass-roots, not only remove the aerial parts of weeds.
pull the weeds should be put in the trash within a timely manner, can not be everywhere misplacing.
weeding should be block, chip, followed by the completion of the district.
(2) herbicide weed

has spread a vicious weed control using selective herbicides.
gardener should be carried out under the guidance by the gardener or the dispensing technicians and maintenance with the consent of the competent consent of green, the correct choice of herbicide.
when the spray gun to spray herbicides to suppress, to prevent drug fog blown on other plants.
END herbicide spray gun, barrels, etc. should be thoroughly cleansed and washed with water spraying machine pumped a few minutes, can not be washed out of the water plant was in place.
around flowers, shrubs, Disable Xiaomiao where herbicides are prohibited in any anti-grass herbicides nature.
herbicide used to do records.
(3) Weed Control quality standards

above the third grade did not significantly higher than 15cm lawn weeds, 15cm weeds shall not be more than 5 / .
no significant block of broadleaf lawn weeds.
block does not have flowering lawn weeds.

4. Fertilization
To a small amount of fertilizer, time and again, so that grass can grow evenly.
(1) fertilizer

soluble compound is divided into two kinds of instant relaxation is the main use of lawn fertilizer. Instant after the spraying water-soluble fertilizer with slow dissolving dry fertilizer spreading general directly, but the application of soluble fertilizer usually relieve local burning phenomena, therefore requiring a lower level used for the lawn.
urea. For efficient urea nitrogen, commonly used in the lawn green up. Lawn excessive use of nitrogen will decrease resistance to disease caused by plant diseases, the use of improper concentration also burns easily, so in general it is not appropriate to use.
the United States fast green liquid nitrogen, and urea is similar to the role.
solid long-term multi-element compound fertilizer, fertilizer efficiency with a long and effective features, the general will not be burning, but very expensive.
(2) selection of the principle of fertilizer
More than an instant lawn fertilizer selection, fast and long-lasting US-Green fertilizer, two, three relief soluble lawn fertilizer used, the basic four lawn fertilizer.
(3) fertilization method

instant compound used by 0.5% in water bath after the concentration of dissolved, even with high-pressure spraying machine spraying, fertilizer 80 / kg.
fast green according to the United States that the amount of concentration and dilution, spraying with high pressure spraying machine.
note the amount of long-acting fertilizer by hand evenly, before and after fertilization a water leaching.
ease compound by dissolving 20g / ㎡ uniform usage.
urea concentration by 0.5%, diluted with water after spraying with high pressure spray gun.
fertilization according to the point, films, District of steps to ensure uniformity.
(4) fertilization cycle

Long-term fertilizer application cycle to determine the basis of fertilizer use.
no fertilizer application of super long-lasting, a Shih instant lawn fertilizer once a month.
fast green urea only in the United States and major festivals, check only for the recovery of green, other times the use of strict control.
secondary and tertiary lawn released every 3 months a soluble compound ease.

5. Pests control
Attention should be paid to pest and disease control, in accordance with the laws of the occurrence of pests and diseases, pests and diseases before they occur in, and take effective measures to control.

common lawn diseases are leaf spot, blight, rot, rust, etc., common lawn pests have grubs, mole cricket, and other Agrotis.
lawn pests and diseases should be mainly to prevent. More than a lawn, spray every two weeks of a broad-spectrum insecticide and bactericidal drugs, medicines selected by the gardener or the technician to determine primary and secondary spray the lawn once a month.
for unexpected pest, no matter which level of the lawn should be timely and targeted to selected pesticides to prevent the spread.
due to pests and diseases and lead to serious degradation of the lawn, should be replaced.

6. Perforated, sparse grass, the replacement of
over two lawns, one should punch each year; depending on the growth of the density of the lawn, 1 to 2 years once sparse grass; large-scale activities held, the lawn should be localized and sparse grass pui, Chairman, Sha.
local thinning grass: iron rake will be part of harrow step is a depth of about 5cm, rake out the dirt to remove debris, soil improvement measures on fertilizer, pui, Chairman, Sha.
drilling large-scale sparse grass: preparation machinery, sand, tools, first grass-cutting machine will cut grass once, with sparse grass sparse grass machine, drilling machine with punch, or to remove the artificial grass Cutlery spin machine Nai Fai sucked outgoing and grass residue, manure to improve soil, pui, Chairman, Sha.
If two or more lawn more than 10cm in diameter bald spot, dead, or in part, account for that part of the vicious weed more than 50% of lawn grass and can not be removed with herbicides should be the partial replacement of turfgrass.
more than two partial emergence of the lawn is being trampled, resulting in serious adverse growth should be improved local sparse grass.
yellow winter more than the two ornamental lawn, began in mid-November each year to sow grass species, the standard for 60mSSS2/kg.

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