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Brush Cutter use and maintenance of common sense

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Orchards planted with the forms of restructuring, now dwarf orchard planting generally used to obtain greater production. Mechanical weeding traditional orchards have been planted orchards can not adapt to the existing form of new products Brush Cutter is fully able to meet the needs of today's orchards weeding operations. Brush Cutter for the use of weeding operations can greatly enhance the operating efficiency can be retained in the surface weeds, prevent soil erosion and beautify the environment, water moisture and increase soil organic matter. Brush Cutter The use of common sense are described below.

First, the general safety measures
1. To prohibit indoor use;
2. Maintain a safe distance from flammable materials shall not be less than 1 m;
3. Refueling, the prohibition of smoking, to stop the engine running, the prohibition of gasoline spills;
4. Work to wear goggles and protective facilities to protect, it is necessary to use the shoulder belt, if there is breakage, cracks, and bending, we can not use, unprotected, they can not cover;
5. To take away the ground prior to use of hard stones, such as things from people and animals when used for more than 1.5 meters;
6. Rotate and stop the hands and feet away from the machine before.

Second, pre-operational inspection
1. Fuel surface from the external fuel tank to check fuel surface, with low fuel, plus fuel to the limit. The use of unleaded petrol and fuel two-stroke oil mixture of 25:1 to 40:1 ratio preparation, can not use pure gasoline and gasoline containing impurities;
2. Check the air filter air filter filters the dirt and found that dirt should be cleaned;
3. Throttle cable throttle cable inspection in the end of the free space, check the smooth operation of the oil door handles;
4. Blade blade installed to check whether the loose nuts, such as a need to tighten the nut; to check whether there is any blade cracks, gaps, bending and wear, if necessary, should be promptly replaced;
5. Cutterhead guard guard checks whether the loosening, if necessary, the security guard bolt tightening; to check whether the damage shields, such as the need to replace the example;
6. Rapid release of equipment pull up bar and check the release is linked to the release, will be linked to place.

Third, maintenance 1. Spark plugs, spark plug demolition, clean-up of carbon deposition, measurement (electrode) space in between 0.6 to 0.7 mm;
2. Overhaul fuel filter and cleaning the engine fuel tank fuel will be poured, remove the filter, and gently cleansing; to remove fuel tank attached to the water and dirt;
3. Heatsink through the hood to check whether the heatsink is dirty, if dirty to clean up;
4. Fuel pipe to check the fuel pipe, if aging or to the timely replacement of oil spills;
5. The timely replacement of blades and nylon plate.

Fourth, to preserve the fuel poured fuel tank, fuel tank and then empty the fuel to cover the installation of the blade to the blade on the mower on a clean Department.

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